Our ability to respond What makes us different
Our needs have led us to grow year on year to create the professional infrastructure that defines our group today. Crisalgrup has extensive facilities equipped with the most advanced technology in the sector.
At present Crisalgrup is made up of 5 companies staffed by a highly qualified team
consisting of 81 professionals. The group has 33 vehicles (with a crane truck with an arm that can extend to 40 m for transporting glass of up to 7 x 3.20 m), 5 industrial warehouses and 5 showrooms, located across Catalonia and Majorca.
Our optimised operational capacity in a single
tax year can reach 20 million euros. Our commitment to quality, which is the result of hard work and constant effort, has meant we have been awarded with various certificates, including ISO 9001, compliance with the CTE regulations (Technical Building Code) and the CE mark.