R & D & I   CTE CE
We also wish to form part of a better world and for this reason we are constantly searching for new products, both our own and exclusive ones, as we are mindful of how important it is to be up-to-date in a world that is turning faster than ever. We have the support of engineers and glazing, aluminium and steel professionals, so that we can respond to the new needs that arise in works and in the execution of certain projects. We constantly collaborate with the factories that supply us with our products (Technal, Cortizo, Schüco, Dorma...) who also provide us with regular information about new assembly and integration techniques. We are aware of the need to reduce energy consumption, hence all our products are increasingly efficient and we are working hard to improve insulation and sound proofing. All windows and walls that we install conform to the CTE (Technical Building Code) regulations and the CE mark. We also separate the different components from the materials left over from manufacture, and from the old walls that we remove in order to recycle them later, thus minimising our environmental impact.