Experience and ambition
The key to our success is that all the members of Crisalgrup have similar backgrounds; we all know that companies grow slowly and that rewards come only after hard work and effort. We all come from modest family firms which have grown according to the particular needs of the market. When each one had become firmly established within the sector, we knew that it was time to work together, which is how Crisalgrup came about in 2008, as a group of determined entrepreneurs with an awareness of the whole sector. Our experience is proven by a series of projects undertaken in shops, companies, hotels, civil works, developments, private homes... all recognisable by the quality of their finishes and the stamp of a meticulous avant-garde design. Our group’s main aim is to achieve a very competitive range of prices from our suppliers and create our own exclusive products, in order to offer the end client the best offers, products and services.